RosterView Rental Contract
RosterView Summer Citizen Rental Contract

*We do not accept the downloaded contract above as the binding contract and you will need to fill out a contract from the Managers office.

These are some of the items on the Rental Contract:

  1. The Landlord agrees to provide the following accommodation: Apartment with cooking facilities.
  2. The term of this contract shall be for the ENTIRE SUMMER of 20__ beginning May _ and ending August __, and/or the ENTIRE ACADEMIC YEAR of 20__-__ beginning August __ and ending May _ of 20__.
  3. PAYMENT SCHEDULE: The tenant agrees to pay the Landlord the amount specified below on the dates specified below.  $20.00 service charge on all returned checks.
  4. No more tenants will be allowed in any apartment than the number specified at the beginning of the school year/summer. However, the Landlord does not guarantee full occupancy. No overnight guests are allowed in the apartment without prior verbal permission from all roommates and management.


  1. The Tenant has paid $200.00 to the Landlord to be used as a security deposit. Charges against the security deposit may be made for the following reasons:
    • a) Damages to the rental unit over and above normal wear and tear.
    • b) Cleaning expenses – at end of contract period if we must hire someone to re-do your cleaning.
    • c) Failure to fulfill the reservation.
    • d) Utility bills not paid by tenant turned over to Landlord.
  2. Security Deposit refund: The Security Deposit as adjusted for the above provisions shall be refunded within 30 days of the termination of this contract unless applied at Landlord’s discretion toward rent due and owing or as provided in Special Provisions below.


No early termination is allowed without the Landlord’s written consent or selling of contract to another tenant, through the office; otherwise, the total amount due is forfeited.


Both parties to this contract agree that in their respective roles as Tenant and Landlord they will make a reasonable effort to maintain the rental unit in a safe and sanitary condition; to protect and maintain the facility; the tenant agrees to a 10:30 p.m. quiet time. The tenant will be required from 10:30 p.m. through the remaining evening to keep the sound level down to respect the peace and privacy of the other party and other tenants; and will strive to maintain a living standard that is in harmony with good moral conduct and the values implied therein. The Landlord shall have the right of entry to the facilities for purposes of inspection or repair, and shall also maintain the right to evict the Tenant for cause. Landlord is not responsible for damage to Tenant’s personal property. It is recommended that Tenant obtain insurance against such losses. It is Tenant’s responsibility to report any leaks or other conditions which may give rise to damage to the premises.


  1. Absolutely no smoking or use/possession of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs on the premises, including public areas. All guests are the responsibility of the tenants and must abide by the same rules. Pets are not allowed in apartments or anywhere on Old Farm premises. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on grass or sidewalks.
  2. All contract transfers, terminations, and check-out procedures must be cleared through the office accompanied by appropriate release forms.
  3. $50.00 of the deposit is non-refundable for school year contracts. ($25.00 non-refundable for summer contracts). These deductions will be made regardless of the tenant’s length of stay. Balance will be returned to Tenants providing there is no damage to furniture or building, and all provisions of this contract have been complied with.
  4. The tenant agrees to vacate the premises upon five days notice for breach of any portion of this contract, in which case the entire contract amount, including the security deposit, shall be subject to forfeiture.
  5. In the event of default, the defaulting party shall pay all costs, expenses and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred.
  6. Landlord is not responsible for loss due to fire or theft of personal belongings.
  7. Old Farm will provide a free parking permit but we do not guarantee a spot.